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Digital Signage with Android touch screen is used in a retail store, schools, libraries, office buildings, medical facilities, airports, train and bus stations, banks, auto dealerships, and other public venues. If the display is connected to a computer, the data on the screen can be updated in real time by means of an Internet or proprietary network connection.

The new world of touch interactive that makes for computer connectivity over internet for a visual experience like never before . Comes in various sizes of 15-90 inches with both vertical , bar and horizontal spread 

Taxis and Vehicles for logistics are fitted with a Dashboard console and a Strap for back seats with 10 inch touchscreen that has flicker Free display & battery free operation , The unit is directly connected to the ignition switch of the Car engine for supply . The display can be loaded with interactive software that can capture riders preference or polling for advertised products that brings added revenue for the cab service beside playing entertainment capsules & GPS tracking . It can also be used for driver attendance & log report for the vehicle /

Cab Operators like OLA , UBER in India  , City Cab or Comfort can in Singapore , City taxi in Dubai , leading Hotel cabs or logistic vehicles of courier companies can be fully integrated for this digital solution . Read More ......

Digital cafeterias & micro retail is now revolutionized with our new POS system that allows for NFC based digital payment & food ordering to reduce time to order and ensure digital touch panel for menu orders & display . Our team can integrate Billing software integrated with NFC and Bar Code beside Qr Code . Read More ....

Now Our new customization technique with Touch tablets in 10 or 12 inch can be used for interactive panel integrated to the vending machine at airports or shopping arcades with continuous SCREEN ON software & no battery inside with direct AC input connection . Our unique solution makes for Android system to capture data and send to the server for feedback mechanism

Edusoft DSL is a unique Smart system that brings old traditional method of teaching into the digital arena with interactive method of learning . We develop a classroom in a school as the model digital class built over years of research with a Projector & touch based tablets powered by Miracast technology that bring closer to the reality of learning & our Platform with the software ensures that the same curriculum is digitized and content made live for ease of teaching and kids to be assessed . Teacher and students with the help of Touch Tablets is able to solve the problem realtime .

This technique is the future of true smart education with stress on ESL for vernacular students studying in rural areas across Asia & Africa ."  Read More .....

With the advent of artificial intelligence we are able to use face recognition and authentication system for most effective biometric solution for attendance or access or security checks . The Solution is embedded on a tablet pc or ABB device with high res camera to capture the images & it also has fraud detection system for still images or photographs and authenticates only the moving faces . Used in high security areas and applications the Face recognition system from LLC india is geared to give a great system for those organizations that want robust systems in security solutions .

The Android box is based on biometrics and used for access through dual layer or single use of fingerprint scanner or face recognition as of now with high end camera & optical sensor fingerprint scanner inbuilt . The system comes with Aadhar authentication too and can be linked to your backend system for capturing the data . The USP is the most economical Biometric  with option for dual layer of authentication of both finger as well as Face recognition

Logical learning is slowly converting local vernacular language curriculum into e-books and then adding rich digital content in the form of reference points to the key subjects and topics . The links are either in the form of PDF , PPT , JPEG, Text , hyperlink or webpages to enrich the teaching experience as well as make the students use them for their better learning & clear conceptions .

The content when used on a LMS platform becomes truly effective with an interactive platform that also can be used for realtime assessment & feedback to ensure that the intended effectiveness is being reached .

K12 education is being transformed from a traditional whiteboard to a digital medium that makes both the teacher and the taught to become more interactive for a better learning process  . "  Read more ....

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