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Smart Softwares

Digital software solutions from NXI India

Edusoft Smart Cloud Learning Platform

Most advanced in Features & Interactive medium 

With the new age of learning and digital methods of input, the Edusoft Smart Cloud LMS comes armed with all the Interactive tools that are required for an all-round learning experience with a focus on teachers as well as students in both imparting quality lessons and also conducting real-time tests or quizzes beside the assessment for the same. Analytics also makes the students know the areas of improvement while the parents are given access to know about the ward's performances and keep a tag on the periodic studies conducted for their knowledge.

The Platform makes it more robust with an Online Library option besides a dictionary that enables students to avail reference materials or check the words for their vocabulary.   

The Chat function and live broadcasting make the LMS platform come Live with direct access to teachers and students while the digital content of the curriculum is used to study each subject Online.

* For more information please feel free to mail us at and our executive will send the details for the same beside up dation of the leading features and functions.

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Remote Device Management Software

The software was developed over the cloud to manage the user profile of any device with admin panel to check the various functions that a user does and to record or follow or tag the same . Leading features like Geo-Tag, Time-tag ,device security , secured access control features. Over-the-air (OTA) distribution. Device troubleshooting, remote wiping , location map , product access control & cloud based control panel , software distribution , service policy of the device , device support & many more . 

All the important data exchanged has a data storage function , backup & SMS trigger between groups beside sharing of screen within functional areas . The Smart Securitas MDM has been used in major customer premises including Government establishments & defense to check the security of Data as well was keep a check on the users for devices deployed.

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Mini POS Billing cum Inventory Software

Softkart Digital e-Food App

The Softkart Digital EFood APP is a web-based application that was developed primarily to assist the micro and mini retail sector players who are out of the digital divide. The strong features and the advanced algorithm makes the application platform one of its best with detailed features like HSN Code, GSTN, Bar Codes and QR Code beside catalogue feature & customer royalty program makes the Softkart app is one of the Must-Have billing system for the micro-retail sector as well as can be used in canteen management or cafe.

Auto SMS cum Online e-kart checkout beside inventory management sheet which can be accessed over cloud makes the retail management flawless and seamless with records maintained both for purchase, sales, inventory & customer database. 
Bundled with the In-house developed FABPOS MEGA 10 BASIC desktop POS device the software application runs with backup on the server while a retailer can manage the daily sales and purchase with ease and alacrity that was not present earlier. 


Digital Stem Lab for Remote Location School

Powered by Intello Smart Edge Network

In the last few years the demand for Digital classes and smart technology to assist education has been growing even in the rural and remote location schools or institute which is what the DSL concept powered by Intello Smart Edge Network does in commissioning a single or multiple classroom into a complete digital class with key tools that helps in development of the modern teaching and learning concept beside ensuring that teachers can make the most of the new technology and students can learn how to use them for their own benefit.

The Logical Learning team provides for a wireless Display unit , few touch devices and NANO SOLAR PC in the classroom , Digital content for the local board curriculum , Edusoft Smart LMS platform , PC with Edge server network app loaded for seamless connectivity beside wi-fi & API modem to give a complete digital world for the School and transform the education into the new Smart age learning.

Intello Smart Edge Network Solution

Seamless Cloud Classroom

The biggest challenge to running a smart class anywhere in the geography is the seamless connectivity and network latency. We at Logical Learning have worked around this deficit and came up with an Intelligent network solution wherein a local server with a patch ensures that when the internet is Up the data can be downloaded locally so that for outages or long periods when the network is absent the school can function seamlessly. The Intelligent network patch ensures that whenever the Internet is back to work it can spool data and download to the local server for the class to function without any disruption at any time of the day. 

We also augment the school infra with our Solar panel provision if the School demands power backup and to ensure that there can be fewer outages and the cost of operations can below.


Biometric Security Device

ABB7-BIO with Database App for Access

This Security cum digital access device was made indigenously with a touch tablet pc and fingerprint scanner beside a Database application that was loaded with the API of the biometric scanner for data capture and storage beside permission for access. The ABB7-BIO is a box that is easy to lodge at the entrance or cafeteria or any place that needs people to come and access through the scanner and optional Face Recognition APP on AI which works through the camera installed in the device. The Tablet based biometric box also has a QR Code access beside NFC as optional features that will give smartcard use and can be used for digital attendance or security access or capture data.

With the ABB7-BIO and its database software beside the biometric technologies that makes the overall device an invaluable Box for all your access , attendance , security and data capture needs including fraud detection through AI application loaded onto the device and integrated with the Database software.

Edusoft Digital Content

Appbook Interactive / Animation /Multimedia

Our team has been developing global class content in a various formats including the most advanced interactive content that works on any touch device on Android, IOS or Windows software.The Edusoft style of content not only makes the curriculum of Indian state and CBSE boards but also makes primary level content with special focus on Phonetics, Grammar and ESL which makes for vernacular students in India and other countries to learn the subjects in digital and rich format for better education .

The App book interactive is an app that can be also used for integrating touch devices for enterprise training and promotion which is another large area of work that the Organization will focus on in India as well as other developing countries.

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