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Advancement in technology makes our lives easier while computers with touch devices have made us become more interactive with realtime data which has made for easier and faster communications . The information and technology era has made connectivity the key area of development & modern technology embedded products are constantly breaking grounds for new solutions that increase the productivity of the end-user.


Logical Learning Company was created primarily to work on this TOUCH TECHNOLOGY for an INTERACTIVE DIGITAL SOLUTION specifically in Education and enterprise technologies . We develop technology embedded touch devices beside applications that are backed by cloud remote management & digital content that are interactive to enable modern method of advancement in education and managing enterprises .

Our recent developments have been fruitful in giving Digital systems deployed in leading Schools of India , Instiutes of learning and enterprises wherein micro-retail , Food ordering , Logistics , Cloud platform , Online training and enterprises are benefited with our solutions both at the HARDWARE end with firmware changes or Applications built for productivity and backed by Cloud access for remote management .


Lately the Organization has indigenously built the WORLD's smallest Computer device with functions of a PC for fostering digital education at the Grassroot schools as well as Rural population of India and other developing nations . To address the issues pertaining to Internet access and electricity the NANO PC was built with Solar energy charge as Optional with 4G SIM inbuilt capability . The Product is powered by a Digital Content that enables for basic learning & student formative education through a vernacular based teaching method that strengthens ESL or English and Phonetics beside the basic learning that is crucial for kingerten students and primary school children . 

The NANO PC is unique in its shape and features which was built In-House with years of development and research . Logical Learning Company is engaged with similar Product & application development in the areas of digitalization in micro retail , smart education , remote management of data , training and learning platform , digital interactive content and community learning . With our strong focus on R&D the Company wants to have more solutions for key institutes and enterprises .

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