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Customized Design

Customized Design Manufacturer (CDM) is a division of the company that produces customized touch devices or application beside components that are required in large B2B customers across any industry . Most often these are as per customer requisition and features . As the OEM our division can develop smart solutions , digital content , RMS application , cloud software , local language beside smart devices with latest technology chip  .In the past the Company has done such turnkey projects for large Schools , government as well as enterprises . Some of the designs developed inhouse are NANO PC , Biometric Box , Jukebox etc


Presently our technology supports 4G LTE & even 5G beside a horde of new smart technologies like NFC , Miracast , RFID , Biometrics beside applications like palmrest cancel , digital pen & our team is capable of integrating technologies for a digital solution based on customized hardware and embedding of IOT , AI or software applications that meets the customer demand for the Solution to be achieved . We also have our own internal QC and tests to develop components like Lithium batteries and power adaptors for the devices beside making prototypes for new form factors & software

From small screen display to large format screen , from TFT to LED, Dual to Hexa core , 2G to 5G beside a horde of other technology add-on including a new firmware and applications developed for industry based solutions are the key hallmark of the Logical learning company that has widened its core development from hardware to firmware to software to applications to IOT and AI making each of them integrate for the product solution that needs to be customized or automated with its rich legacy of having worked in similar projects in the past . 

Unique Product Development & ODM work Completed

1. Mini POS System with Inventory & billing software

2. In-Vehicle Display device with Advertisement APP & GPS navigator

3. Solar based NANO PC with primary education app & digital learning

4. Jukebox Music Pod with customized User profile 

5. Biometric Box with RFID , QR Scan and Face recognition for security access 

6. NFC based IOT touch devices for digital money transfer & data collation


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