• Amazing range of multi core tablets with various new technology embedded for a powerful performance. 
    The range caters from affordable to a high class product with latest screen & motherboard beside network for the ultimate user edge....


  • Education is more and more getting tech driven to ensure better methods , easier understanding & increased interactive learning .
    Our gamut of smart devices and solutions are ideal for implementing SmartClass rooms with major focus on upcountry schools & early age education....


  • With technologies converging and newer disruptive solutions deployed for excellence , our new age touch solutions for digital 
    transformation touches major industries and institutions overcome the obstacles of time to reach a new high in effective results ....


  • The early age education in India and similar developing countries have seen a push but not enough to ensure that majority of the kids are able to get quality education or access to computers . Our own innovation in this Early age education led to the development of affordable computing device named NANO PC 2.0 with solar powered energy beside a unique software application that teaches basic etiquettes and ESL for qualitative learning beside lessons that teaches subjects similar or same as local curriculum ....


OUR Products

Our products are used all over the world in different applications ranging from basic touch device to NFC to education to biometrics or even in rugged conditions and all our products are the industry standard when it comes to quality and durability.

From a rural School to a city cab to an industrial factory to the corporate cafeteria to an airport vending machine or a security access zone or training institute or a Flat panel in a Smart city - our solutions touch the everyday life of a million people.

In 2019 the company has been awarded the prestigious QIB certification in Quality Business by the International Trade Council beside various other recognitions from leading international bodies like FICCI, KOTRA or WASME.


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