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Why Digital Migration is the next normal?

Logical Learning Company has been recognized for Technology Development in India by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) together with DIPP under the Government of India in 2017

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The year 2020 led us to ‘what-can-be-called’ the unimaginable horrors of a pandemic and the entire world is still grappling with the challenges it poses until now. We witnessed an overnight surge in online orders and deliveries in every segment— essentials, leisure, and luxury. In the next few months, we saw years of change in the way Enterprises, Governments and Businesses function.

Digital Migration

Recent research studies by Mckinsey reveal that we have rapidly jumped five years forward in terms of generic consumption and digital migration. Every sector has noted diverse arrangements post the COVID-19 hit which was long due in India. Banks have transitioned to remote sales and services and launched digital outreach programmes to make flexible payment arrangements for loans and credit cards. Grocery stores have primarily shifted to online and on-call orders and delivery. Doctors have begun delivering teleconsultations and remedies. Schools in many states have turned to 100% online learning and digital classrooms. Manufacturers are actively developing plans for smooth migration towards digitization, and the list goes on.

2022 is more crucial now as the world is adjusting to repeated COVID-19 waves and lockdowns. An unstable environment like this is channeling further Digital Migration to return to a handful of semblance of the full speed. In such times, Digital Education is also evolving and reinforcing the concept of continuous learning. Today, the adoption of Digital Education techniques is driven across age groups by five major needs in India

To increase retention of students and ensure fewer dropouts at primary levels
To maintain interest levels of both learners and educators towards learning at secondary levels
To develop Social Learning skills which involve casual learning and social skill development
To encourage Employability and the need to stay relevant in the job market
To foster an Entrepreneurial mindset since early ages

The context of Digital Migration or adoption is not a new occurrence, however, data shows that the COVID-19 pandemic blew everything out of epic proportions and that further changes will be required as and when the economic and health situation advances. Being observant of the current situation and its challenges in India, we at Logical Learning Company (LLC) believe in Digital Migration and Integration since our inception and have always focused on providing accessible, quality, and affordable technology to the masses.