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Reforming Education System of India via Digitization

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

In the new promising India, the education system is going through revolution with new digitization and at Logical Learning Company we are playing a decisive role since 2012 to spread the latest technology to assist the new form of education. Like in any other country, Education is the most important building block for our socio-economic growth. The well-educated man can accelerate the economic growth of the country in every sphere of work

A large chunk of the people in India are still going through various challenges to overcome the landscape of illiteracy. Factors such as obsolete & rigid examination models, rote learning, incompetent teachers, and the lack of adequate infrastructure are the point of concern for the education policy and decision makers. In India, 80% school are run by GoI, and the remaining 20% are managed by private sector which are not affordable by the poor.

In rural and semi- urban areas, the students have to travel few kilometers to attain their basic education. Moreover the quality of education are generally theoretical in nature and lack the practical approach. All these aspects at some point force the students to dropout school at a very early age therefore we have to find the macro solution for these problems and slowly it will percolate down to the lowest levels of the society.

At one point, technology can play a major role in reforming the education system. In our "New Education policy 2020", Government has promoted technology in education like AI, ML, Block-chain, smart board. At Logical learning company, we have already taken one step forward to take the digital model of education to the students and teachers . For the past 8 years, we are the part of the ed-tech industry. The touch technology has brought the revolution in interactive learning that was absent with the older chalk and board method of studies. Be it the Learning Management Systems or the Mobile Device Management software our solutions have played a crucial role in making learning & teaching more defined and high class transforming education into an interactive model with better results.