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Indian learners and educators are merely managing!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Logical Learning Company has designed a special algorithm for addressing this colossal bottleneck with the right mix of varied technologies


India possesses over 1.5 million schools with over 8.5 million teachers and ~250 million children*. In recent times, India’s literacy rate has been growing but there are several challenges that the Indian education system is facing. As a nation where the urban-rural gap is huge, we are still failing to meet the demand. Over 29% of children drop out before completing five years of primary schooling and over 58% drop out before completing high school. Moreover, shortage of teachers at the primary and secondary levels is adding to the woes.

Major problems faced by Indian students and teachers

Few major problems faced by the students in India are:
  • Lack of adequate infrastructure and facilities— most schools lack proper infrastructure in terms of electricity, functional toilet facility, access to drinking water and hygienic meals, exposure to computer technology and reference/ study materials, etc.

  • Lack of quality educators/ teachers— education delivery is impeded by the shortage of well-trained educators and staff

  • Transportation issues in rural areas— dearth of ample local transportation facilities

  • Paucity of seamless internet connection

  • Poor quality of learning leading to inadequate class-appropriate learning levels

  • Increasing cost of education as one moves up to higher classes

  • Presence of a multi-linguistic environment and obstacles in English learning

  • With the advent of the pandemic, acute shortage of smart devices and smart personalized learning

Similarly, some challenges faced by Indian educators are:
  • Lack of proper training and comprehensive guidance to train the students

  • Infrastructural deficiency in terms of learning modules/ study materials

  • In case of online learning, the gap is wider as most teachers lack effective presentation and online assessment skills

  • Also due to the present online education format, teachers are incapable in controlling/ maintaining the decorum of a class digitally

In order to improve the present situation, we now need to focus on newer learning techniques and technological solutions to help the learners as well as the teachers. Logical Learning Company believes in the betterment of the Indian education system and works in tandem with multiple state governments to find solutions to tackle the issues.

Logical Learning Company has designed a special algorithm for addressing this colossal bottleneck with the right mix of varied technologies. We develop Smart Touch Tablets loaded with quality digital content and a global advanced Cloud Learning Management System (LMS) where learners can also experience local language curriculum with an ESL (English as a Second Language) advantage. Besides, we provide network CDN solutions to ensure seamless connectivity across portals. Plus, specially customized portable 4G Solar NANO PCs are innovated with ESL content for rural areas with acute electricity shortage.

If we rethink the education delivery system in India, it is high time now that we lay emphasis on conceptual learning as well as practical knowledge which can be remotely imparted.

*As per a KPMG-Google Study

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