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How Interactive Kiosks can augment Learning, Broadcasting, and Business Experience

The NXI FAB KIOSKS combines the latest technology packed with everything a classroom or a business requires and delivers all the functionalities needed to create, educate and collaborate

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What more can be said about smart touch technology? We have already shared a lot and seen how the world is changing rapidly by their sheer presence

In the digital era, it’s an arduous task to remain ahead of the curve and retain the attention of the audience. To fulfill this demand, Interactive Kiosks/ Panels have turned out to be highly popular. These Kiosks/ Panels have become ingenious tools for optimal learning, unlocking untapped skills and strengthening the teacher-student bond for future growth and development. These also possess a host of unique features that make learning and business meetings engaging and effective.


We, at Logical Learning Company, have been an industry expert in the ICT industry with customized product development and software integration for the last 10 years. When it comes to Interactive Kiosks/ Panels, we can deliver such products with advanced features along with need-based customization. Our NXI FAB KIOSKS (ranging from 12” to 72”) are robust devices powered by Android OS with extensive connectivity options and value-focused designs and can be used both at school and office premises for superior and seamless digital interaction. The NXI FAB KIOSKS combines the latest technology packed with everything a classroom or a business requires and delivers all the functionalities needed to create, educate and collaborate.

In the Education sector, the Interactive Kiosks/ Panels developed by Logical Learning Company can prevail over traditional digital projectors and whiteboards which offer limited participation and passive viewing. With our NXI FAB KIOSKS, classrooms can now turn more enjoyable and engaging where teachers can create a more data-driven modern classroom environment that increases learning collaborations. Plus, students can experience advanced learning with live content connected seamlessly on the panels as well as on their devices. These FAB KIOSKS can also be customized as per the school’s requirement where in-built software can help teachers to measure student responsiveness and attendance. The entire class content/ curriculum can also be recorded by teachers for further sharing and usage.

For Enterprises and Businesses, Logical Learning Company’s NXI FAB KIOSKS can work wonders! Corporate collaborations can now become seamless and more productive than ever, even in the absence of an IT department. With these Interactive Kiosks/ Panels, employees can arrange and conduct quick meetings, share their content and enhance their creative skills innovatively in an effortless manner. Further, remote access makes it all the more interesting where both employees and companies can participate in remote meetings and share their respective content. One can easily write on any slide/ chart, save the data for future use, and share the file via email/ other mediums instantly. In addition, the NXI FAB KIOSKS are easy to connect and are great cost-savers as these panels come with an all-in-one design where offices do not have to invest either in IT or on infrastructure development. Moreover, these panels are compatible with a wide range of software that most offices already have, thereby reducing additional costs.