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How EDUSOFT SMART CLOUD LEARNING PLATFORM can revolutionize the E-learning Space

Logical Learning Company has developed the LMS platform with a brilliantly simple user interface that requires little or no formal training


Research studies reveal that the global Learning Management System market is poised to grow by $27.98 Billion during the 2021-2025 period, progressing at a CAGR of 20.19% during the forecast period*. Keeping this growth impetus in mind, Logical Learning Company has developed a special Learning Management System (LMS) named the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD. It is embedded with superior Interactive tools required for a holistic learning experience where teachers, as well as students, are benefitted.


In the present digital transformation and stimulus towards new-age learning methods, the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD poses as a powerful cloud-based smart E-learning platform that enables an integrated tablet-based interactive learning environment for the classrooms in India. It can be used for both distance learning and online class setup and helps teachers leverage technology to facilitate the necessary skillset required in an effective impartment of education. Both teachers and students can avail themselves of the interactive digital content together with touch devices using shared screens resulting in faster response and assessment management. Quality lessons along with real-time tests/ quizzes make the platform more interesting and successful with learners and educators alike.


Enhanced Analytics in the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD makes the students aware of their areas of improvement while the parents can access their wards’ performances and keep a tab on the periodic studies conducted for their knowledge. An Online Library option is available besides a dictionary that enables students to use reference materials/ other resources to improve their vocabulary and imbibe additional knowledge. A special Chat function is also included along with LIVE Broadcasting which in turn makes the platform come LIVE with direct access to learners and educators. And, the digital content of the curriculum is used to teach and learn each subject online.


Being an Edtech Solution Specialist, Logical Learning Company has customized the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD in a manner where universal features like scheduling a class, posting question papers/ test series/ study modules/ lessons, managing attendance, adding homework tasks, viewing student responses, and issuing grades have become a lot simpler for teachers. In the case of students, uploading their completed homework, attending a class, taking exams/ tests, downloading their study modules/ lessons, examining their submitted responses, viewing their grades and simultaneous feedback has become a cake-walk. As mentioned earlier, parents can also view their wards’ grades/ performances online.

What more? School authorities can have exclusive access and handle everything from teachers to staff and students with the School Management feature. Plus, the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD has a brilliantly simple user interface that requires little or no formal training. In a nutshell, Learning Management System (LMS) is undoubtedly the most efficient way to administer E-learning programmes both for the educators and the learners. Informal and generic solutions such as Zoom classes/ lessons, video tutorials, YouTube videos, instructional documents cannot serve as a comprehensive system and will take you no further. While information sharing is easy by those means, however without the digital interactive tools and the cloud storage that the EDUSOFT SMART LMS CLOUD provides, an organized E-learning program is nearly impossible. So be adaptive and prepare to take learning to the next level.

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