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2021 and COVID-19’s ongoing impact on the Indian Education sector

Since 2020, Logical Learning Company is contributing to educating children with affordable digital technologies than ever before!


India holds the record for having the world’s second-largest school system, after China. Just imagine how difficult it has been for the schools and the students to grapple with the COVID-19 situation when overnight lockdowns were announced across states! From early 2020, they have all faced immense challenges in learning and accessing quality education. Top it, 2021 showed no mercy. From second-wave lockdowns and homeschooling to appearing for online exams, the pandemic affected both educators and learners and compelled them to change their habits and attitudes.


Schools were forced to shut down and maintain social distancing to avoid community transmission. However, this extended closure had a huge negative impact on most students. The pandemic has not only caused the massive rift in educational inequality to blow out of proportions but has also worsened existing disparities. UNICEF states that the pandemic has caused unprecedented disruption to the Education sector in India with around 286 million children being affected by access to learning. Needless to say, most of them couldn’t migrate to E-learning as they couldn’t afford smartphones/ tablets. India is thus facing a new crisis in Education thanks to Covid-19!

Logical Learning Company is aware of the challenges that exist in the Indian Education sector at present. Since 2020, the company is contributing to educating children with affordable digital technologies than ever before! Students from remote areas in India were made to achieve their fundamental Right to Education with our reasonably priced touch devices and smart cloud platforms. Our advanced EDUSOFT SMART CLOUD Learning Management System (LMS) PLATFORM worked as a powerful cloud-based digital education platform that enabled an integrated device-based interactive learning environment for the classrooms in India, both for distance learning and for online education setup as seen in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together with LMS, Logical Learning Company’s EDUSOFT Digital Content with Interactive APPBOOK having animations and rich multimedia features looked enjoyable and aroused the natural curiosity of students across grades. Our entire Edtech Solution also had a special focus on Phonetics, Grammar, and ESL (English as a Second Language) for catering to multi-lingual students of our country. In addition, we developed customized tablets, phones, and interactive panels for the schools to support quality education and cost-effective technology. The NANO and NANO SOLAR PCs developed by the company worked remarkably at the grassroots levels where younger kids and newly-enrolled learners could afford E-learning solutions. The SOLAR cell battery along with the AC main battery lasted longer than others in case of long power outages in Indian districts and villages.


Soon, we are moving into 2022 yet the scars of the pandemic still lay bare. Though digital migration in 2021 helped us to get through, we still have a long way to go into the post-pandemic era. In India, the new normal will bring some more challenges, and the lessons we have learned have changed how we function— be it our working style, be it our productivity, and be it our learning capabilities. Moving forward, we at Logical Learning Company would like to implement our learnings and innovation to help the Indian Education sector to sustain, improve its existence, productivity, and resiliency into the future.

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