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How Digital Kirana Stores can be a game-changer in Micro-retailing

Glocal is indeed the new global!


When the nationwide lockdown was announced overnight in 2020 due to the COVID-19 scare, people literally went berserk hoarding supplies and bare necessities. To add to the woes, even organized retail and e-commerce platforms were non-functional. At that point, the unorganized retail i.e. the friendly neighbourhood Kirana Stores came to the fore and rescued millions. As per Nielsen estimates, ~12 million Kirana Stores operate across India, and they account for around 95% of India’s $500 billionfood and grocery market.

Retail POS

Interestingly, a SnapBizz report stated that over a million Kirana Stores went digital in 2020 and around 75% of them are inclined towards having an online presence.

Looking at our population, we still have a long way to go. Understandably, consumers are unwilling to step out of their homes at present and are preferring home-delivery arrangements. Top it all, stringent social-distancing norms are also discouraging most. For this reason, extensive digitization of Kirana Stores in the coming days can prove to be a big game-changer in Micro-retail management.

Meanwhile, these Kirana Stores majorly face issues in tapping tech-savvy consumers who prefer to order and pay online. Adoption of digital technologies and innovative e-commerce models can now help these local Kirana Stores to exercise their strengths to their advantage— in terms of proximity, personal touch, credibility, adaptability, instant delivery, word-of-mouth recall, and direct contact with the customers. We, at Logical Learning Company, can benefit them with our Touch Smart Billing-cum-Inventory POS Device which can be used by retailers and micro-retailers alike. Our FABPOS Retail POS Machine comes with an in-built integrated software solution called the Softkart Digital Appwhich provides end-to-end solutions to all retail operations such as POS sales and purchase, POS billing, inventory maintenance, and data management.


In addition, the FABPOS Retail POS Machine is loaded with advanced features like the latest Android OS with outer ABS casing, inbuilt NFC and QR Code Scanner, long-lasting battery backup, and an Android 2-inch printer in a single mould. Moreover, seamless connectivity is ensured through Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connections along with the latest USB ports. Having passed stringent tests for performance, it has been accepted by renowned companies such as Tata Consultancy Services, American Express, Wipro, Infosys, amongst others. Plus, it can be utilized by other micro-retail formats like cafes, canteens, parking lots, driveways, toll plazas, etc.

Overall, the FABPOS Retail POS Machine offers optimum productivity in a compact body with advanced Cloud stock software.

As we talk about technological advancements, the boundary between traditional and digital micro-retail is gradually getting blurred. While a majority of Kirana Stores are gearing up to go digital, the e-commerce giants are going hyperlocal instead to get closer to the consumers. Glocal is indeed the new global!

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