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The shift toward Industry 4.0 and digitalization goals within enterprises has led to the emergence of a Connected Enterprise, fostering an interdependent and interconnected ecosystem.

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In the context of the Connected Enterprise, business resilience has become a fundamental component. This resilience encompasses various dimensions, including digital resilience, workforce resilience, supply chain resilience, product resilience, and organizational resilience.

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The methodology of our Innovative Thinking Breakthroughs facilitates the achievement of our clients' Industry 4.0 objectives by establishing a convergence between business and technology, resulting in the formation of a Connected Enterprise.

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Our Innovative Thinking Breakthroughs methodology empowers our clients to achieve their Industry  objectives by fostering a convergence between business and technology, ultimately leading to the formation of a Connected Enterprise.

Industry  objectives can be accomplished by a Connected Enterprise through the implementation of digitalization across five key nodes: Smarter Factory, Smarter Service, Connected Worker, Connected Customer, and Connected Product.

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In the Connected Enterprise, the realization of digitalization is accomplished through the synergistic integration of various technologies, including Internet of Things, sensors, edge computing, security, business intelligence, visualization, data analytics, cloud, artificial intelligence, bots, enterprise software, ERP, user experience, mobile, reality technology, and wearables.

Resilience in the context of digitalization allows every component within the enterprise value chain to withstand internal and external changes. Employ our Adapt-Lead-Sustain framework to attain agility in resilience across diverse elements of the enterprise value chain, encompassing aspects from product design to logistics, assembly to maintenance, and marketing to after-sales.

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We collaborate with clients across a myriad of use cases, crafting technological solutions that empower the five nodes of Industry 

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