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Elevate the realization of your product vision.

Our diverse range of products spans global applications, catering to enterprise and education needs. From basic touch devices to NFC communication, digital education, biometrics, and rugged conditions, our automated, customizable, and durable solutions, integrated with smart software applications, provide the ideal solutions for industrial and educational digital interactions.

Interactive Kiosk & Wide Digital Panels

Fab Kiosk - Series

Fab Panel Wide Touch Display 

FabKiosk - Series


Smart Touch Devices.

Amazing range of multi-core touch devices with various new technology embedded & applications layered for a powerful performance across the various institutional and industrial applications. The range caters from an affordable tablet to a high-class Touch product with the latest screen & motherboard beside a 4G LTE network for the ultimate user edge for performance.

Pupil Using Laptop
Android Touch Devices
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