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The Non-Profit and Education sectors are undergoing unprecedented changes today. The advent of new technologies and the growing demand for real-time engagement across various stages of the user journey have triggered a wave of digital transformation, prompting organizations to reconsider and revamp their existing services and solutions.

At Nagarro, we recognize the evolving needs of today's rapidly changing landscape. Leveraging our expertise in enterprise IT, data analytics, cloud services, security, ERP, CRM, LMS, business process automation, integrations, and more, we are adept at driving digital transformations for our customers.

Our solutions empower clients to achieve agility, foster growth, enhance operational efficiencies, instill transparency, and effectively manage business operations. This, in turn, enables them to discover new opportunities and elevate user experiences.

what we do


Cloud-powered digital transformations

Fast-track the adoption of cloud technologies by selecting optimal tools and strategies for streamlined migration and development. Harness cutting-edge technologies for agile delivery, minimized downtimes, and predictable response times, leveraging our demonstrated expertise in DevSecOps and Site Reliability Engineering.


Fuse and Automate

Unify divergent solutions such as ERP, CRM, digital marketing, accounting, fundraising, LMS, etc., to streamline workflows and minimize human effort and errors. Implement automation for various manual processes, allowing the workforce to concentrate on more high-value tasks and diminishing routine activities.


Analytics Solutions for Data

Harness the capabilities of data analytics to extract insights from your existing data. Optimize data collection strategies to improve decision-making and predictive capabilities. Create and tailor reports according to specific business needs.


Advisory and Consulting in Technology

Offer comprehensive consulting services to conceptualize and construct an IT landscape and blueprint that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and vision.


Educational and Academic Solutions

Prepare your institution for advanced learning requirements through our tailored end-to-end learning approach, seamlessly combining various learning methods.


Intelligent Solutions

Leverage the capabilities of cutting-edge AI solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of educational institutes and their learners.

Our Clients

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