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Innovative Digital Solutions for Next-Generation Automotive Technologies

As the mobility landscape continues to transform, our focus extends beyond traditional notions of smart mobility. We recognize that the future lies at the convergence of technology and human experiences, powered by the advancements in artificial intelligence. Sustainability, digitalization, and smarter business models shape this new era where customer loyalty and engagement define success.
At Nxiindia, we are committed to shaping the future of mobility by leveraging AI. We invite you to be a part of this exciting journey of smart mobility innovation.

In the era of the AI revolution, the automotive industry is poised at the brink of a groundbreaking transformation, unleashing unprecedented possibilities across the entire value chain. Nxiindia's DriveAl, comprising a suite of AI accelerators and frameworks, plays a pivotal role as a catalyst for this monumental shift.


What We Do

Intelligent Vehicles

Intelligent Solutions Enabling Secure, Comfortable, and Sustainable Mobility: ADAS and Autonomous Driving, Vehicle Lifecycle Management, Safety and Security, Infotainment, and E-Mobility.

Smart mobility ecosystems

Revitalized Urban Mobility via Digital Platforms and Intelligent Solutions: Collaborative Mobility, Fleet Management, Smart Traffic Solutions, and Parking & Charging Innovations.

Integrated CX

Transformative Digital Experiences Shaping Consumer Engagement: Omnichannel Commerce & Marketing, Consumer Analytics, Personalization, and Beyond.

Co-innovate and co-create

Future-Ready Consultation Services: AI Consulting, Product Strategy and Engineering, Digital Assessment and Transformation, Data Strategy, and Agile Transformation.

Enterprise efficiency

Continuous Intelligence Driving Value Chain Optimization: Manufacturing 4.0, Intelligent Supply Chain, Enhanced Dealer Operations, and Service Transformation.

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