Got a great product or a Solution to develop ? We can help you 


With our technical background in both Hardware and software applications we’re familiar with the different technologies. 

Benefits of visualizing your product:

  • Time and money-saver: no need to have a real-life copy of your product to start & we can deliver a prototype or a software RFP on short notice. 

  • No design errors: any possible flaws or errors can be foreseen and tackled upfront

Some of the Unique customized new Products & digital applications developed by the Logical Learning in the last few years are as follows


  • Logistics Management with In-Vehicle Touch Display & GPS

  • Smart Classrooms developed with Interactive Cast Screen Touch Device

  • LMS Cloud Platform for remote delivery of content & Online education or Learning

  • Vending Machine with Android application & Touchscreen at Airports & Mall

  • Digital Kiosk with Secured Data capture NFC chip embedded Touch Display

  • Medical & Outdoor Sports managed by Rugged Tablet with QR Code Scanner 

  • Digital attendance & Secured Access with Database software & RFID

  • Rural School & early age learners learn ESL & digital education with the all new Mini Computer with Solar panel 

  • Chromebook & Touchpads loaded with local curriculum powered by Chrome OS

  • Remote Device management software for data security and data storage

  • Online Exam platform with Proctoring facility for conducting assessments

  • Empowering micro retail and Office Food management with billing app and Mini POS system with QR code & Android printer 


“Our passion to innovate and introduce new digital technologies like NFC , Miracast , RFID or IOT, Cloud & ICT applications is making our task of converging technology for superior digital connect and Solutions that are close to the customers delight with our attention to detail, realism, and technical advantages."

— Founder

Important domains of Work and Development for the Company are thus the Following

  • Customized Solutions Provider in Education and Enterprise 

  • Cloud platform developer for LMS management 

  • Fabrication , automation & PCB level changes for new solution

  • IOT and AI development for critical projects 

  • Firmware changes, App Development, Cloud computing , RMS software

  • Touch-based devices with digital content for self study and interactive learning