Got a great product in mind? We can help you to show how you want it to look before we even start making it.

With our technical background, we’re familiar with different materials and technologies. A big asset in making those high-end product visualizations & enable the solution for your project.

The benefits of visualizing your product:

  • Time and money-saver: no need to have a real-life copy of your product to start marketing it. And depending on the product, we can deliver a prototype on short notice. 

  • No design errors: any possible flaws or errors can be foreseen and tackled before going into production.

Some of the Unique customized new Products are 


  • In-Vehicle Entertainment & GPS Tracker with No Battery Touch device

  • Interactive Classroom Study with Cast Screen Tablets & API

  • Vending Machine at Airports with Always ON Touch Android Screen 

  • NFC enabled Touch Tablet at Digital Cafeterias & canteen 

  • Rugged Tablet with 2D Scanner for medical practitioners & Outdoor use

  • RFID & Biometric Box for digital access with Face Recognition APP

  • A mini Computing device with basic education APP for developing country

  • Live-Touch Android Kiosk at Art Gallery for display & data

  • Digital Display at retail Stores with Touch Screen 

  • Mini POS system with Android touch & printer inbuilt for digital micro-retail


“We absolutely love visualizing new products and are always looking to represent them in the best possible way, combining this with our attention to detail, realism and technical advantages."



Convergence Tech Specialist

  • Customized Solutions in Education, Security, Micro Retail

  • Fabrication,automation& PCB level changes for new solution

  • Firmware changes, App Development for a software solution

  • Develop new product, design & converge

  • Touch-based Android devices manufacturing with software APP that affects new age industries & digitization



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