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Loaded with ADVANCED features and Android  7.1 NOUGAT OS the NXI FABTAB MEGA  10.1 MIRACAST is a 10 inch Touch tablet with inbuilt CAST SCREEN TECH  that interacts with another cast device for shared screen creating  INTERACTIVE study which is the bedrock of the Smart classes to foster Real time learning .

It offers a great solution for Shared Screen access , wireless data transfer and Interactive teaching  . FABTAB MEGA 10.1 MIRACAST is powered by a Quad Core 64 bit Processor and 2GB RAM.


Cast Screen Technology for Interactive Session


FabTab Mega10.1 MIRACAST tablet offers productivity in a compact body with multiple connectivity .

The tablet has passed extremely stringent tests for performance and has received certifications from a reputable third party.

Designed for Performance

FabTab Mega 10.1 MIRACAST was  developed for wireless access performance and is  a product that has direct connect to cast screen devices in the near field  for screen share .


Powerful and Compact

Weighing in at  800 gm  the lightweight product is compact and easy to carry  the FabTab Mega 10.1 MIRACAST fits in all  School based learning or training module s .Powerful 64 bit Quad Core MTK processor with 2GB RAM and 16 GB Flash  ensures fast processing while the feature of Cast screen helps in Smart Class.


Optional feature of Fingerprint scanner , NFC & QR Code

Bright 10" Full HD IPS Display


The brilliant 10″ display with IPS HD Touch-screen offers clear and easy viewing inside classroom . Students and teachers are able to see the clear display and share the screen for Smart learning classes .


Super Touch Responsive

Our revolutionary  technology bonds the display glass to the touch panel and LCD, creating a single panel that is more durable and readable, with enhanced contrast and crisper colors than any other rugged display. The bonded panel responds effortlessly to every touch. Advanced touch modes allow operation in the rain with gloves and the included hard-tip stylus, making the FABTAB MEGA 10.1 MIRACAST ideal for signatures and precise note taking, especially when you need to work with multiple students .

Full-Shift Battery Life

FABTAB MEGA 10.1 MIRACAST provides top battery runtime performance in its class for mission-critical field operations. A high-capacity main battery delivers the power to move freely  away from power outlets. There is no way to safely charge a battery in an explosive atmosphere, but with the FABTAB MEGA 10.1 MIRACAST you won’t have to worry about running out of power.


FABTAB MEGA 10.1 MIRACAST  –  Specifications & Optional Features


Operating Software      News Android 7.1 Nougat

Processor                     MTK6580,Quadcore,1.4Ghz

Display                         10.1 inch capacitive screen

Resolution                    IPS 1280* 800  dpi

                                     G+G touch GLASS

Memory                        2GB DDR 3

NAND Flash                 16GB HDD

Camera                        Front 2.0 MP /BACK 5.0 MP

Network                       3G,WCDMA2100,2G/GSM  

                                    850/900/1800/1900 MHz,

                                    CAST SCREEN

Connectivity                3G , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , GPS

Battery                        6000 mAh


Miracast, a wireless display technology standard, is great to use in the classroom, office, or even at home for shared learning & display

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