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Rugged Industrial Grade Tablets



Loaded with ADVANCED features and Android  8.1 OREO OS the NXI FABTAB MEGA 10.1 PREMIUM is a 10 inch  RUGGED touch device with an outer IP65 certified casing and with leading connectivity through Dual 4G , Wi-Fi 802.11 & Bluetooth beside micro USB data . It offers NFC chip , QR Code and 2D Bar Code scanner powered by a Quad Core 64 bit Processor and 4GB RAM


True mobility across all hazardous zones

The Fabtab Mega Premium tablet offers productivity in a compact body with multiple connectivity .

The tablet has passed extremely stringent tests for performance and has received certifications from a reputable third party.

Designed for Performance

Fabtab Mega Premium was  developed for tough condition performance and a water resistant product that has super battery to last longer than others and also speed of work with multiple connectivity options .


Powerful  and Compact

Weighing in at  1.100 kg and with a thickness of 0.4 inches, the Fabtab Mega  Premium fits ergonomically in one hand, and the non-slip case makes it easier to grip. Powerful 64 bit Octa Core processor with 4GB RAM and 32 GB Flash .


Optional feature of Fingerprint scanner , NFC , 2D & QR Code

Bright 10" Full HD IPS Display


The brilliant 10″ sunlight-readable display with WXGA IPS (600 NITs) screen offers clear and easy viewing in the most challenging conditions. No matter how bright the sun gets in oil fields or on offshore oil platforms, the information on your screen will always be as clear as day.


Super  Touch Responsive


Our revolutionary  technology bonds the display glass to the touch panel and LCD, creating a single panel that is more durable and readable, with enhanced contrast and crisper colors than any other rugged display. The bonded panel responds effortlessly to every touch. Advanced touch modes allow operation in the rain with gloves and the included hard-tip stylus, making the Fabtab Mega 10.1 Premium ideal for signatures and precise note taking, especially when you need to work outdoors in bad weather.

Full-Shift Battery Life

Fabtab Mega Premium provides top battery runtime performance in its class for mission-critical field operations. A high-capacity main battery delivers the power to move freely into the field and away from power outlets. There is no way to safely charge a battery in an explosive atmosphere, but with the Fabtab Mega 10.1 Premium  you won’t have to worry about running out of power.


FABTAB MEGA 10.1 Premium Rugged  –  Specifications & Optional Features

Screen Size               :   10.1inch Touch screen

Color                         :    Black

Display Resolution    :   1920x1080 dpi Full HD IPS Resolution 

Add-On                     :   Touch screen with stylus

Processor                  :    Android 6.0

Voice Call                  :    Quad Core MTK 1.5 Ghz 64 Bit

Memory Capacity     :     4GB DDR3 RAM , 16 GB Flash Inbuilt 

Operating System     :    Android 7.1 OS 

Advanced Feature    :    Built in RFID, NFC (front facing),

                                       2D barcode scanner mounted at the bottom 

                                       micro QR code reading 

                                       ABS rugged body with IP 67 certification 

Battery                      :    10000 mAh LIPO

Warranty                   :    1 year warranty 

Body                         :    Rugged ABS plastic


USP:   Rugged Industrial Grade with High RAM & Full HD Display

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