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The Art of making finer touch devices with customized middleware

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Logical Learning Company is known to offer a varied range of touch smart devices which are cost-effective and extremely efficient

Can you imagine a single day without your touchscreen smartphone? No, we suppose.

Well, the advent of this technology has been the gift of the 2000s and we all know how rapidly the touchscreen devices took over the world. It is one of the most convenient and intuitive of all computer interfaces and allows users to navigate a system by simply touching the icons/ links displayed on the screen. These devices can be found everywhere now, be it public or private— our homes, schools/ colleges, workplaces, retail outlets, food & beverage outlets, movie theatres, hospitals, and where not!

We, at Logical Learning Company, have been making touchscreen devices since the last 10 years and have now moved into manufacturing locally. We ensure finest software development and hardware solutions where users can benefit from specific customization and high-end localization to bring about a digital shift in their businesses. Our customized middleware also offers a speedy connection and output to the end-user of touch-based applications.

Logical Learning Company is also known to offer a varied range of touch smart devices which are cost-effective and extremely efficient. Our Touch Smart Billing-cum-Inventory POS Device has been accepted and used by renowned companies like Tata Consultancy Services, American Express, Wipro, Infosys and the like. Additionally, the device comes with an in-built integrated software solution that provides functions necessary for retail operations such as POS sales registration and promotion, billing, data maintenance and data management. We also develop active digitizer pens with handwriting-enabled Touch Tabs to aid in education delivery and to re-introduce the traditional slate-chalk teaching technique.

Presently, Indian businesses and consumers can make great benefits from our products and solutions. We provide a vast array of innovative products like widescreen Touch Panels, Digital Kiosks, advanced Touch Tablets, rugged Industrial Grade Tablets and the like. Our widescreen (ranging from 20-72 inches) Touch Panels are powered by Android OS and contain other intelligent features which are gradually providing for the telemedicine community in India, especially since the pandemic period. The Digital Panels can serve as live kiosks pre-built with digital apps for seamless feedback and data collection. The Touch Tablets without battery help in car navigation and augment the use of GPS and other such apps to guide the cab drivers. Also, these tablets can be loaded with Weather/ GIS Apps to help farmers, fishermen and researchers as well. Moreover, we manufacture specially-designed Biometric Tablets with fingerprint scanning to improve the security and access systems at school/ office premises. Plus, we also manufacture rugged Industrial Grade Tablets which have passed stringent tests for performance and received international certifications, and cater to industrial level work like in factories/ oilfields/ mines, etc. along with outdoor sports and other outdoor activities. Being water-resistant and developed for enduring tough climatic conditions, these specialized tablets offer optimum performance with a super battery backup and multiple connectivity options.

Needless to say, the art of touch technology has a colossal impact on the gadgets we use today. Anything that we use on a regular basis from smartphones to notebooks and even TVs use advanced touch receptive screens and are seamlessly connected now. It has indeed taken decades and several major technological advancements to achieve this massive presence.

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