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Some Major Differences: Smartphone vs. Tablets

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

It will not be wrong to say that it’s a completely new era, or you can be termed as the epoch of technology. In today’s world some popular devices are Smartphone and tablets. Usually, the most popular device is Smartphone but the growing importance of the Touch tablets must be known as it continues to be used more and more in infotainment domain with knowledge based learning or information sharing or touch kiosk for interactive exchange. Though, both the devices have divergent functions and features, apart from physical differences, there are numerous other disparities to unease the users in their choice of hardware.

This blog will surely highlight the key differences between a Smartphone and a tablet that make them quite different from each other.

Tablet is an Infotainment Gadget whereas a Smartphone is a personal communication cum entertainment device

And we can’t deny the facts that tablet user are largely outnumbered by smartphone users since majority like more of entertainment content. Well with the increase with the use of the internet, Smartphone has become a vital part of an individual life, and the most important thing it’s easy for the user to carry everywhere and use it persistently. A Smartphone work in a multiple-way like they can call, use as a watch, works as a reminder, as a calendar, news updates, continuous entertainment and also as a tool to handle common official tasks. Whereas a tablet is more useful compared to Smartphone when it comes to information, mobile office, knowledge or simply larger display. The user usually uses at educational or training institutes or rugged industries beside personal tuition or home automation or put them in their car for navigation on long trips.

In short, you can term as an infotainment device & one that is meant for industrial or institutional use with its many different applications & hardware integration.

Thus the difference is very stark with the Smartphones for individual entertainment and personal use while the tablets are more for community use, industrial and institutional usage.

So, it will not be wrong to say that in this tech world, an individual can manage without tablets but not a single day without smartphone while the tablets make the enterprises or institutes come to life with its ability to bring a digital change through its large display & interactive nature. In terms of communication, the Smartphone is a personal pocket device and the tablets are for community reach-out beside official & interactive communication.

Smartphone and Tablets have different users:

Well in recent research, it has found that more & more population has a Smartphone. But, in the case of tablets it’s different as its growing more in educational institutes and in enterprise solutions wherein software applications and integrated hardware has given birth to new devices like the NXI XPAD Chrome-book or the NANO PC or the Android POS machine for micro retail or the Bio metric Box for digital attendance or security access.

With time more and more applications are ensuring that Tablets be used at home for automation of the gadgets or further in retail or outdoor access wherever there is a need for interactive kiosk for data access or data inputs.

Even the use of tablets in the chromebook magnetic dock station will ensure that it occupies more and more entry into home computer domain that was always ruled by Windows based laptops and this changeover is already happening .Tablet is thus more of a content utilization device and people use it as replacement of desktop or laptop with more applications & touch as a feature compared to a normal laptop.

Also the cost of Tablets being more competitive than a Smartphone or a Windows laptop makes it more popular among people who want to use more and more data or information for sharing & for community services.

Differences due to physical dimensions and features:

Difference between Smartphone and tablets can be distinctive by their dimension. Tablets are much bigger compared to smartphones, Tablets models range from 7 inches and above while smartphones start from 4inch and ends around 6.5 inch

Though smartphones and tablet share the same Android operating system, again they have their differences when it comes to the application. As some of the application can only run on tablets, not on smartphone, and the reason behind is a small screen of smartphone that not support those apps.

One More Differences’ is their use in various locations. As both devices used various locations as Smartphone can be taken every place as again because of ease to carry, whereas, tablets are generally kept at a static location. A user will take it with him only when he is going on some survey or a trip or outdoor training.


Though smartphone is our unbeatable personal companion the tablets however has some compelling differences that makes them distinct from a Smartphone and thus will co-exist in the market more in the infotainment domain.

Also tablet is more soothing in watching a long video or shopping something online. Tablets tender rich multimedia experience and allocate the user to have more computational capabilities.

On the contrary, Smartphone are majorly forwarding or glance-and-put-away devices. Users just look at the screen, get the work done or forward the text or mail & move-on

At last, the conclusion drawn is that tablet and Smartphone are two completely different devices, except them both come in the category of mobile devices. If you are a Consumer or a commercial user consider the differences according to the use, and then choose which device suits your requirement.

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