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The crisis that the planet is experiencing today as a result of the convid-19 pandemic will pass, leaving its devastating effects on the lives of thousands of individuals, ruining the

economy and with social consequences of all types. Many argue that we'll not be an equivalent, that we face a change in civilization, with new codes, values, attitudes, knowledge and other learning, in people and in society amidst all this uncertainty, there's growing consensus that faculty closures likely had negative effects on student learning.

At Logical Learning this was understood and with the help of the marketing research team we devised an education package that was designed keeping in mind the pandemic effect and also to tap the scope .

While the advantages of online learning are manifold, there are still many roadblocks within the way ahead towards making education a completely digital (online) phenomenon.

There are improvements regarding basic infrastructural facilities but many rural areas in India are still grappling with these challenges to form education completely digital or online.

Some of the major challenges that can be enlisted in this context are:

· Digital Literacy and Infrastructural Support

· Limited availability of technological devices

· Lack of Familiarity with Digital Technology

· Shortage of Teachers

Although, not every village and city in India is infrastructural developed to sustain online education, it's motivating to ascertain many rural schools and colleges adapting completely to e-learning during these times. Also, many affordable and low-bandwidth e-learning solutions are arising with multi-lingual platform to facilitate easy and convenient online learning classes in India

Logical Learning through its initiatives and solutions are addressing the above problems that is slowly and steadily being overcome with new technology approvals and research for better methods of education .

Branded NXI’s advanced range of touch devices and powered by Edusoft Smart application beside digital content gives a complete package that safeguards from misuse and improves learning among kids .

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