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Looking for bright partners to promote digital products

In the 11th year of existence Logical Learning is looking for new channel partners to augment its range of digital and smart range to come closer to the regional B2B customers and government . With a program coined as Demo zone under the strategic partners the company lays down the foundation for ensuring local connect with the TAM to both educate as well as impress on the solutions and smart devices that impacts the business for the various enterprise and educational institutes in the region .

The video is self explanatory and will give the clarity in the process to ensure how as a partner to promote the branded products can benefit in a new business that is progressive .

Our new smart range is built with local assembly ,test and software development to integrate the engineering for a custom made solution affecting large and small businesses or education & training institutes . For any more information as to how our innovation is making a change in the way small and medium enterprises do their project work or make their team more effective please visit us at for more on case studies and the technology behind the unique solutions at work .

Visit the video link for a better interactive idea on how the program can help for aspiring partners and strategic businesses .

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