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LLC India looking for strong partners across India-Bangladesh-Nepal-Myanmar-UAE-Oman & Africa

Over the last 8 years into direct b2b sales the Company is looking at young, dynamic, and far-sighted Solution Partners to make the reach & access of Brand NXI connect with deep pockets and remote locations that were till now not tapped. Our new range of Digital solutions are aimed at integrated approach wherein our smart devices built indigenously with customization skills are then embedded with cloud-based or web application that has end-point management. Along with vernacular interactive content and smart app built on AI, AR/VR, IoT the shift in technological excellence due to this integration becomes a reality for many small and big enterprises besides educational institutes.

Interested partners are welcome to have a demo of our range on the website or an online chat on the scope of work besides the terms for the business. Connect the future as they say and escape the mundane for futuristic pursuits of advancement. Brand NXI stands for the same ideology and each product of ours is made to stand out from the normal with assured performance and uptime. Check the videos for your reference & reply to our post with any query that you may have!

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