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How to cope up with recent change in guests expectations ?

Travel and hospitality is one of the most lucrative industries which always have something new to offer to guests.

There are various challenges the come in the way. Not all of them might be unique but they are certainly worth the notice. Owing to the COVID19 pandemic, guests are expecting contactless hotel services to ensure a safe stay. When you , hotels are struggling with it NXI has come to you with a solution that solves this problem and also gives your hotel a new digital avatar. Hotels become more vibrant with the new digital devices allowing guests to get more transparent and agile response online . With NXI digital software and affordable hardware you can get yourself a package deal to enhance the stay in hotel .

Thinking HOW??

We provide you an self-service app that manages your whole hotel . This app includes softwares that help you to

• see the posting of your employees

• check what your guests want

• let your guests order with the tab

• let your guests do a self check-in check-out

• let guests request pick-up and drop-off

Providing these services will get you in the list of best advanced hotels.

• increase ordering the services at the touch of the screen.

From employee training to guests review we provide you digital solution for everything including inter department cloud connections which are marking new standards in hospitality. Not only this but NXI has a wide range of solutions to manage guest orders, inventory and billing etc.

To know more please log to our website or send your querry to know what's more that brand nxi can offer for your f&b, food cart, confectionery, motel or hotel businesses.

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