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Students can use on-campus computer labs at colleges and universities for coursework, research, and other educational activities. Hundreds to thousands of computers with software programs for various purposes are typically housed in these labs.

Students can learn, use software, complete assignments, and communicate with teachers with the aid of computer laboratories. The ability to gain digital skills necessary in the current workplace without having to buy their own technology and software is what makes these IT laboratories so vital.

Furthermore, despite the fact that student laptop and computer ownership has increased in recent years, campus IT labs are still necessary.

There are several causes for this: There are still many student populations around the world that don't own any computers. Few pupils have computers with the raw processing power required to run specialized software program.

Students cannot afford many specialized software program because of their high cost. Universities must continue giving students access to computer laboratories in order to help them become prepared for life after graduation.

Fortunately, EDUSOFT SMART ICT LAB concept is based on improvements in virtual machine and operating system technology to enhance how schools teach today. Through cloud-based computer laboratories, colleges and institutions can now provide students with an accessible and effective learning environment even when not in class. These are also known as "virtual labs," "distributed learning labs," "web labs," and "remote labs" while the presence of CLOUD based LMS platform and the most advanced TOUCH PANEL with computing feature makes the ICT lab under brand EDUSOFT unique and decisive specially for remote schools , college and learning institute.

In the increasingly digital world of today, cloud-based learning platform in education help update training while improving learning processes. This in-depth blog is for you if you're thinking about setting up a ICT SMART LAB in one classroom for your School , training Institute or for your college or university to take advantage of this latest method of digital teaching that will benefit both students as well as teachers while making the process involve even parents to ensure a 360 degree change in the standard of teaching & learning .

An online ICT SMART lab is what?

A physical or virtual ICT Smart Lab with a Cloud based learning platform that is accessible to users through web browsers and is housed on the cloud server. With the use of this technology, students can interact with and access software applications as if they were installed on their personal computers.

The performance of cloud-based learning platforms in education does not rely on a computer's processing power, which is an important point to note. Instead, it depends on how fast the user's internet connection is. With less difficulty, students with outdated computers can now use specialized software.

Additionally, this function is essential for assisting technical educators and students in their transition to online learning. Technical fields including computer science, information technology, engineering, and architecture sometimes need for sophisticated software applications, which in turn call for certain computer requirements. However, technical education can now be supported online thanks to cloud computing and remote access technology that is being developed by LOGICAL LEARNING COMPANY to assist the millions of new learners and learning institutes across the globe .

Analyzing traditional and cloud-based computer labs in brief

The comparison between conventional and cloud-based computer laboratories is a topic worth looking into if you intend to create a virtual learning environment in your university or school or college . Cloud-based solutions not only offer virtual computer laboratories the flexibility and accessibility that traditional labs do not, but they also result in significant cost savings which is so important for smaller institutes to use and modernize the education imparted.

The use of actual computer labs peaks at the end of each term and is only moderately used throughout the semester.

Massive amounts of RAM and the newest GPUs are needed for research computing.

Institutions must provide the necessary software to an increasing number of off-campus students who are taking online courses.

All things considered, case studies conducted in 2019 with Emory University, University of California Irvine, and Ithaca College shown that conventional computer laboratories fall short of meeting all of the demands of modern colleges. Institutions are thinking about shifting their computer laboratories to the cloud to solve these gaps and strike a balance between the learning experience and costs. Benefits of implementing cloud-based learning technologies in the classroom

Edusoft Smart Cloud-based learning systems in educational institute are now more & more crucial than ever when the pandemic in 2020 began. Thus, they go beyond merely being problem-solvers. The benefits of a ICT Smartclass lab is stupendous and will completely transform how universities now teach.

The following are a few of the most notable benefits of using SMART ICT LAB:

Decreased hardware costs

When constructing actual computer labs, educational institutions must spend money on computers, servers, printers, scanners, projectors, and internet modems or wireless routers. Additionally, they must take into account the costs of establishing the large space that will hold all the technology .

Meanwhile, there will be less need for such gear and infrastructure as more educational institutions use ICT SMART LAB in which there is only a TOUCH based INTERACTIVE PANEL for making the studies more intuitive and adaptive while the Edusoft cloud-based learning platform is integrated into the PANEL with computing ability . Thus in a small classroom with optional student tablets installed a Teacher can take instant Quiz , polling , tests beside making real-time assessment possible for digital edge in studies while storing important notes and video-lectures on cloud that can be accessed over time for the benefit of students at large .

Thus the Digital ICT Smart lab can transform the institute's need for digital education with all the advanced power of technology and wireless teaching beside Online or virtual classes to attend from remote locations.

Enhancing Accessibility

As was already noted, Internet browsers can be used to access cloud-based computer labs. As a result, neither teachers nor students need to possess pricey computers in order to access their educational resources.

They also don't have to spend money on external storage devices in the same way. There is no need for USBs or external drives because the learning resources and program they require are all available in the cloud. They have access to their academic materials whenever and wherever they want as long as they are online.

Reduced carbon footprint

This benefit may align with your values if your institution seeks to be environmentally responsible in its own ways.

Your carbon footprint can be significantly reduced by using cloud-based technology for education by avoiding the frequent use of paper, copy toner, and other paper and wood goods. By moving to the cloud, your campus will have fewer server rooms, which will reduce the amount of energy and CO2 your school uses.

Access to the newest educational resources

Actually, textbooks for colleges and other related educational materials can be quite pricey. Additionally, they can be difficult to frequently update and maintain. Programs and resources for learning that are cloud-based are a good way to address this issue.

First off, digital content and virtual computer labs are frequently much less expensive. As a result, kids from poorer socioeconomic backgrounds can easily access high-quality educational resources.

Furthermore, it's important to note that cloud-based resources are simple to update in real-time. To ensure that your software applications and virtual lab settings are up to date, all you need to do is collaborate with your nearest EDUSOFT ICT LAB partner in location for the same . Students benefit from using and learning from the most recent resources and tools thanks to this amazing new way to modernize and Digitize Learning that is now so much more interactive & impactful

For more information as to how you could implement the same for your small or large institute whether it’s a training center or learning classes or school or college or University please send your details to or Whatsapp at 95609 42419 or visit to leave your remarks on the digital form .

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