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Exploring LMS - Logical Learning

The Edusoft smart class learning from Logical Learning creates a holistic learning environment by using all interactive modules like videos and presentations besides multimedia content that makes for quick intuitive learning. It’s an easy to use e-learning platform which allows the teachers and corporate mentors to access enhanced interactive multimedia content mapped to school and industry curriculum.

Below are four of the amazing features that make this platform a one-of-its-kind. Read on!

1. Attendance Management

In the pre-corona stage, work from home was a luxury for the employees. However, with subsequent phases of lockdown and industries being shut, the work from home culture was skyrocketed. Nevertheless, where on one hand it was a move that helps companies realign themselves to the new normal, it also created a gap between the employee and the employer.

And in this process, the entire load was pushed onto the HR of every company to track the attendance, progress, and reports of each employee. But, for how long?

Fret not; for we bring in the attendance management system integrated with our LMS. Be it the schools or the corporate firms, this feature is sure to help people track the regularity records of each student/employee so as to ensure that they are in sync with the prescribed norms.

2. Digital Library

Once upon a time, in absence of all forms of virtual entertainment, libraries used to be one of the most preferred places. Not only was it a place to upskill and update oneself but also was a place wherein the books provided an escape from this mundane world into the world of fantasies, fiction, amusement, and whatnot. However, with technological advancement and increased hustle-bustle of daily life, libraries seem to be a lost art.

We at Logical Learning completely understand the hidden bibliophile in every child and to nurture it is why we have integrated digital libraries with our LMS. Now access a plethora of books on-the-go and satiate the reader in you.

3. Realtime Grading and Assessment

Competitiveness has always been there. Be it the 90s or now, cut-throat competition and the “survival of the fittest” instinct has been predominant across the ages. However, due to the burgeoning population, the level of competitiveness has gone a notch up. In such times, it is very essential to analyze each move, learn from them, rectify them, and re-analyze to reap the desired results. Be it self-analysis or guidance from the experts, all work hand in hand to make one ready for the competitive arena.

And so, we bring you real-time assessment and grading tools integrated with our Edusoft LMS, so that the teachers, mentors, and industry experts could track your progress, guide you and help you grow and create a niche for yourself.

4. Customisable Content

Each institution, organization, or firm is different and so are their requirements. On one hand, where a school looks for academic content, on the other, the corporates seek on-the-go training modules. Not only this, even with an organization belonging to the same domain, the dynamics of each and every vertical are different. For some, training the employees on organizational behavior might be important while for others, making the team aware of the legal structure might seem to be of a higher priority.

Thus, being in the corporate sector for the past 8 years, we at Logical Learning understand the uniqueness of each sector and thence bring you the option of customizable content. Be it the IB Board or State Board content, be it financial training module or general corporate awareness, we make sure that all the demands pertaining to the content is fulfilled by us in no time.

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