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Edusoft Smart e-Learning with NXI BYOD Touch Tablets

Self-learning technique through advanced touch devices that brings to life the digital content with the local curriculum is the best tool to ensure quality learning and improvement in the level of understanding of subjects. The touch tablets are controlled remotely with data security and applications like a chatroom or Video Broadcast and shared storage which enhances the user experience. Finally, the touch device has an inbuilt app for a Cloud LMS platform that connects him to the teacher and enables interactive sessions with Online tests and quizz with an analytical assessment of the performance of each student mapped to the teacher as well as parents to ensure a complete learning eco-system

The touch tablets comes with superior 64 bit PCBA with latest smart Android software and HD touch quality with metallic body and large battery for best backup . Touch devices are supported by 12 months warranty on performance across India and comes with remote device management software with data encryption technique for safety & security .

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