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Edusoft learning management system : Utilizing the power of Tablets in Teaching and Learning

We all know that we remember the things which we saw through our eyes, and most of the times we forget things which we listen only or what we read through pages after pages. The things which are taught visually have more impact than the reading method of heavy books.

Imagine, the benefits that it would cause to the students to understand a chapter visually in class. Technology is changing every aspects of our life and if it’s for the good, then why not adopt it!

This is where the concept of smart class education came into focus with its interactive sessions, multimedia content for better understanding in the 21st century.

Logical Learning Company is pioneering its efforts in the field of smart class solution and e learning to make things simple to the students to understand beside local vernacular to English impact. The Company pays equal focus to teacher’s methodology & adaptation of this new technology to make learning more engaging and interesting.

Edusoft smart class learning from Logical Learning creates a holistic learning environment by using all interactive modules like videos and presentations beside multimedia content that makes for quick intuitive learning. It’s an easy to use e-learning platform which allows the teachers to access enhanced interactive multimedia content mapped to school curriculum. The use of these visually attractive methods for teaching becomes more appealing to the students who are struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. This kind of visual content is both eye catching and students can easily grasp it. We focus on localizing the content to ensure children associate with it with rich multimedia content and animated audio-video visuals to make it feel almost like watching movies sometimes. It helps the students to store the information fast and more effectively.

Edusoft smart class room is transforming the way people learn and teach.

The main intention behind Edusoft learning is to personalize learning. It’s a fully touch device based learning management system that is unique in its simplistic teaching method & enhanced interactions between the teacher & the student. Edusoft smart class comes with Powerful applications, great tools and API for integration to many advanced global tools of learning which makes for enriched platform of learning. We re-invented the conventional educational system which existed here for ages. Edusoft is a solution which functions as a standalone system equipped with wireless connectivity delivered over touch based last mile device .

The main reason behind the increase in the popularity of smart classes is that it is a platform meant for all classes of students and imparting the same level of education to all . A classroom consist of various kind of students with different power of understanding and learning, and to pick up concept from study material is hard for some of them .

As the world goes digital in the 21st century , the use of smart classes and modern technology make a smooth transition to technology-enabled teaching and learning for all students. Our kind of smart class solution promotes more interaction between teacher and student with more participation unlike the past .

Compared to the few negative points for this kind of smart learning, there are many advantages it offers. During a class lecture some technical glitch might occur due to network outage or software bug and it is a common concern among those lobbying against smart technologies in classroom education.

Then, there is the costing factor as well that is preventing schools to adopt this technology.

But with Edusoft smart education there is nothing to worry as it is very cost effective & also has found ways to run without the internet issue or low internet areas .

It’s crucial for Education systems to transform their learning programs with ready content & tools like tablet- LMS platforms. If you haven’t chosen any smart classes partner yet then think of us ……… your school stands reassured of its impeccable track record & our LMS will help your school get the students motivated and focused beside making teaching a new passion on the digital system . Undeniably it’s a blessing, all of you need to know and all you need do is to give it a try! CALL US , MAIL US , SKYPE US OR SIMPLY CONNECT ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA …We would love to hear back from you .

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