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Early education in India cannot be ignored anymore

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Technology is crucial for a child’s long-term development and lifelong learning


In India, the land of myriad diversities with a rich cultural heritage and traditional values, the early years and education of a child is of prime importance. The formative years of a child’s life range from 0-8 years where rapid development occurs and contribute to holistic learning. It encompasses the essential elements of care, early learning, nutrition, health, growth, and activity within a protective and supportive environment.

Nowadays early child care and education is readily available across pre-schools, child care centres in urban areas and other community-driven setups in rural areas. Since the past decade, there has been a major shift in the early formative education pattern in India especially with the advent of computer technology. This technology has been proven to be highly beneficial in the learning and development stages of a child. However, newer technological tools and services need to get upgraded with time and increasing demand.

Technological addition and improvement for a child’s long-term development and lifelong learning is the need of the hour. Consequently, Logical Learning Company is making a constructive and positive contribution by facilitating and enabling a seamless digital and interactive environment through its digital devices and the Edusoft Smart Cloud Learning Management System. Additionally, an enhanced age-appropriate activity-based curriculum is also implemented by Logical Learning Company highlighting varied skill set and meta skills an early learner needs to acquire. Plus, teachers are facilitated and trained to augment their teaching skills to adapt to these newer platforms.

early education in India

The importance of early education cannot be ignored anymore. The impact of this foundation period in a child’s life is crucial. It would be more prominent in the coming decades as India demographically is bound to produce more young, literate, skilled, flexible and a globally competent workforce.

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