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Deep Tech - Revolutionising The Tech-scape Of India

The term deep tech was coined by Swati Chaturvedi, founder of the world’s first platform dedicated to angel investing in deep tech start-ups, Propel(x), and since thence, this topic has been a major area of interest for many philanthropists around the world.

From artificial intelligence to deep learning, this field has revolutionized the working of all the domains, be it tech or nontech, and created a long-lasting positive impact on the lives of the people around. Life science, computing, food and agri-tech, aerospace, energy and clean-tech, industrial technologies, telecom, new materials, chemistry, and whatnot, the advent of deep tech has created fertile grounds for outstanding research and development, leading to some of the greatest tech-fuelled innovations of the era.

Deep technology companies are built on tangible scientific discoveries or engineering innovations. They are organizations attempting to solve big issues that really affect the world around them. For example, a new medical device or technique fighting cancer, data analytics to help farmers grow more food, or a clean energy solution trying to lessen the human impact on climate change. Continuing the Uber reference, deep-technology companies in the transportation business would include autonomous vehicles, flying cars, or other similar transformative technologies.

In India, too, though deep tech is in the foundational stage, it has created a huge buzz and has drawn the attention of many eminent organizations and firms. Recently, on the 15th of September 2020, the Federation of Indian Chambers Of Commerce And Industry organized a seminar and panel discussion on the scope of deep tech research and development in India and how it can be channelized to impact various associated sectors.

This amazing seminar saw some of the industry stalwarts participating and brainstorming about the many novel ideas centering on this new and revolutionary technology. It included:-

1. Ms. Nguyen Phi Van

She is the board advisor at the Asia Pacific Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMO), advisor to the Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam on startup & innovation, chairwoman of Vietnam Business Angel Network, chairwoman of Open Innovation Vietnam, and chairwoman of Saigon Innovation Hub.

2. Mr. Dilip Chenoy

He was the former managing director & CEO of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), and in recent years was appointed as the Secretary-General of FICCI, a leading industry body in India.

3. Mr. Avnish Sabharwal

Managing Director of Accenture Ventures & Open Innovation, he is a highly sought-after speaker on Future of Technology, Digital Transformation, Leadership, Building High Performing teams, Making Innovation Work, and is a regular blogger on Social Media. Besides, he has also played an instrumental role in opening up the start-up collaboration between India and Israel and is regarded as an expert on the global deep tech start-up eco-systems.

4. Dr. Aloknath De

Considered as one of the most Influential CIO/CTOs of India, he is presently the corporate vice president of Samsung Electronics and chief technology officer of Samsung R&D Institute India in Bangalore where he is responsible for Samsung’s IoT Data Platform and Advanced Service. Defining himself as a Missionpreneur with a dream to make India an R&D Hub, he strongly believes in imbibing and integrating Deep Technology, Consumer Experience, and Social Inclusion.

5. Mr. Bidyut Dumra

Formerly the head of Cathay Pacific Airways’ Innovation Centre, he presently leads the Innovation & Ecosystems sector in DBS’ Innovation Group as their head. With a vivid experience spanning more than 15 years in the corporate sector, he is also an entrepreneur. He has co-founded a Bollywood film distribution company, Mind Blowing Films, a kid’s fashion label, Baebeeboo, and also started a boutique consultancy that amongst other services, mentored and groomed start-ups.

This educative and informative seminar saw many investors, start-up heads, technocrats, businessmen, and deep tech enthusiasts, across different sectors and domains of functioning, joining in and actively participating in the discussion forum. Amidst all of them, it was indeed an honor for us – Logical Learning and our head, Mr. Kaushik Mitra, to be invited to this wonderful session.

Hope such seminars happen more often and help the young minds channelize their talents and energies to transform the Indian tech ecosystem for the better.

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