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Connecting The Nature With Tech

Bring Youth to the Greens & Parks - This has been the theme around which the entire e-learning platform with advanced features was developed by the Logical learning Company and the motto is to assist quality learning and school teaching through the platform while the need for additional tuitions might find less and fewer takers. Our primary role is to be an edtech player that gives an edge to teachers for effective methods of learning and foster interactive medium between students and teacher which was earlier not achieved resulting in tuition classes that have majorly become a burden for the students' parents who cannot afford costly tuitions.

The Edusoft 2.0 Interactive was built to ensure teachers in schools can become more effective in its teaching of students and thus the majority of them can be better in the desired subject.

Unlike the leading tuition-based LMS platforms that use technology to power tuition-based curriculum, Edusoft launches a pro-teacher based school LMS platform that brings more excitement in school classes and truly turns them into a smart classroom with more and more interactive sessions bringing a change in students aptitude and understanding of the subjects.

The motto of getting the youth at school to hit the parks in the evening instead of being locked in additional tuitions will see more and more takers as we launch the advanced edtech system in more and more schools across the Country. Schools must join us in this initiative as we offer them not only higher standards of education besides better teaching ability of the teachers but also a digitally advanced hub that allows students to perform better than earlier bringing digital touch to ensure quick real-time learning and solutions for problems in understanding.

To know more please visit us at and you will know the real differentiators and advantages of the LMS platform.

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