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An Interactive Way To Get Educated Through Edusoft Smart Class System

Updated: May 9, 2021

Tablet with education content

Technology advancement makes everything easier at the touch of our finger tips. The past days were gone where teaching and learning are restricted to students physically attending classroom sessions. As we blaze towards the digitalized era and started taking online smart classes using other applications and equipment’s or interfaces like tablet. This is not only an easily maintained but it is more interactive and user friendly. The need of paper and pencil has reduced which makes it a go green method to save all our fuel consumption.

The Edusoft Smart Learning approach gives students everything being equal and different backgrounds with a structure and a large group of Smart Thinking Tools that inspire more elevated amounts of comprehension. Through the procedure students enact and assemble background knowledge, process data, change their learning into an item that shows what they know, and ponder their learning. Organized talk and evaluation as and for learning are carefully woven into the procedure to construct a mindful setting for learning and to propel the thinking about all students. Smart Learning understands the objective of cleaning the rocks, with self-managed learning options. Our application for the organization, documentation, following, detailing and delivery of instructive courses or training projects is also extremely strong and easy to use. It enables the educator to convey course material to the learners, oversee tests and different assignments, track student progress, and oversee records on everyday schedule. Information and course modules can also be put away online which can be accessed to by enlisted members.

Solutions we offer:

Tablet Based e-Learning Solution:

We give powerful equipment and software solution that empowers intuitive, integrated and engaging custom e-learning environment for digital classrooms. We work with educational institutions to setup student centric digital lab to involve fun learning and help teachers to wind up customized facilitator for comprehensive development of the students.

Fun and interactive way of learning.

Regular Evaluation.

1:1 interaction between teacher and student.

Learning anywhere and anytime, on the move.

Progress report for teacher, student & Parents.

Smart Class Room Solution (Interactive White Board & Device):

Edusoft Smart class creates an environment of two-way communication between teacher and student and this interactive part of education makes it more engaging and fun experience for students. We have well-acclaimed industry standard smart class solution in both hardware and in multimedia software to convey content which is designed by academicians to impart holistic education for participants enrolled in course. Designed to make classrooms, a fun place to be, to get every student involved actively in the learning process, which is a highly interactive and comprehensive solution.

Our smart class room solution has exhaustive repository of content. Lessons / modules consist of audio-visual, 2D and 3D animation and graphics to provide students better understanding of concepts which helps grow their creativity and out of box thinking.

Moreover, our lessons are based on NCERT school syllabus with custom solutions to cater to the requirement (both hardware & software) of enrolled candidates.

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