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8 Years And Counting...

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

~ Swami Vivekananda

It was a warm sunny day in October when few tech and marketing enthusiasts decided to leave their comfort zones and venture into the all-new world of start-ups. Motivated to contribute to the ongoing technological revolution and inspired to add a new facet to the Edu-tech industry, these enthusiasts brainstormed together and came up with an exciting and all-new venture. And that’s exactly how, on the 1st of October 2012, Logical Learning Pvt. Ltd. was formed and came into functioning. The motive which fuelled the venture was to reduce the glaring gap in the field of quality education and the need for customized technology at the grassroots level. Not only this, the founders of this company also had the vision to make technology available and accessible for all and across different strata of society.

Across all these years, Logical Learning has grown and developed with each passing day so as to create a niche for itself. It has worked at different levels and hierarchies to ensure that every opportunity that come can be put to use in an efficient manner. Be it the education sector or the ICT domain, Logical Learning has time and again proven its worth by demonstrating exceptional product quality, customizable client solutions, and humane B2B and B2C interaction. Today it offers smart, innovative services to the three large industries - Education, micro Retail, and Security built over touch devices and leading software applications that are customized for each industry vertical.

It deals with touch tablet PC, smart device ID & other display solutions as an ODM and is doing innovation in integrated devices affecting various industries. In recent times the company has also developed Digital content for the broad courses taught in Schools besides which the team has launched an all-new Cloud learning management platform with unique features and best practices for interactive learning. The remote device management software developed for NXI touch devices the features are specific to the education field and another version is for enterprise customers to manage data effectively.

From customized solutions in fabrication, automation & PCB level changes to their expertise showcased across the verticals of firmware, app development, content, and touch Android terminal devices, their products possess a unique identity in the market. In the recent past, the Company also signed up various technology collaborations with leading educational, Artificial Intelligence, and retail software companies in the USA & South Korea for the development of unique solutions meant for developing the markets and boosting the growth in countries like India, Bangladesh, MEA and Africa.

Recognized by the Federation of the chamber of commerce & industry (FICCI) and DIPP under the Start-Up India program, Logical Learning tirelessly works towards bringing in a feeling of freshness in their products, backed by technological proficiency. Recently, it was also invited as one of the participating members in the 2020 Conference on Deep-tech, organized by FICCI, which saw some of the leading industrialists and renowned technocrats across the globe coming together and brainstorming on ideas pertaining to the same.

The Company is also proud to have received the Quality in Business certification under the audit of the International Trade Council based in Washington USA on parameters of excellence in 2019 which is valid for the next 3 years.

A few days back, on the 1st of October 2020, the company celebrated its 8th anniversary, which saw many different clients and industrialists coming together to congratulate the enthusiastic team and the founder himself. The journey of this company has been remarkable and it continues to grow each day and spread its wings to rule the different domains. Headed by Mr. Kaushik Mitra (founder) and his adept team, it is constantly moving towards its fundamental goal of making technology approachable and affordable for all besides working on the goal of making more & more people get access to digital education besides being training the new learners and workforce to harness their skills and become more employable. In 2021 the Company plans to have its first overseas office in the city of Dubai to create better reach into the MEA and African markets.

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