Primary & Early Age Digital Education


Mini PC with Edu APP & Solar Charge

Grass root early age education 

Loaded with Computer features and Android10 GO OS the NXI NANO PC 2.0  is a computing device with an outer robust casing and Keyboard, Mouse with leading connectivity through inbuilt SIM, WI- Fi 802.11 beside USB 2.0 data port. It has a SOLAR powered Battery with optional NFC chip for smart application, QR Code scanner powered by a Quad-Core 64-bit Processor and 2 GB RAM.

The device is also powered by EDUSOFT App for early age Content with focus on vernacular digital content , ESL & Phonetics beside local curriculum.


True mobility in Upcountry Location


NANO PC SOLAR 2.0 offers productivity in a compact body with multiple connectivity & education-based software for learning. The device has passed extremely stringent tests for performance and has received accolades & certifications from reputable forums like FICCI , World SME & KOTRA .

Designed for Performance

NANO PC 2.0 was  developed for SPREADING Quality education and basic computing skills for new learners and early age kids who are majorly in locations where access to digital products and affordable technology is a big challenge. Besides this the Product that has Solar cell battery to last longer than others and also the speed of work with multiple connectivity options.


Powerful  and Compact

Weighing in at 1250 grams and covered by an robust portable body , the NANO PC 2.0 fits ergonomically and has USB 2.0 ports beside a AC mains & backup battery while Solar charge is optional . A Powerful 64 bit  Core MTK processor with 2GB RAM and 16 GB Flash beside cloud storage.

User can use a mouse , scanner or Flashdrive beside optional feature of a Fingerprint scanner, NFC & QR Code

Edusoft Learning APP for New Learners

Content developed for ease of learning for students in Kindergarten or up to K4 with focus on digital content that is advanced in ESL, phonetics and local vernacular curriculum with stress on interactive learning & object recognition beside primary modules for faster growth of the child beside computer training.


Super  Touch Responsive

Our revolutionary technology bonds the display LCD glass to the touch panel creating a single panel that is more durable and readable, with enhanced contrast and crisper colors than any other rugged display. The bonded panel responds effortlessly to every touch. Advanced touch modes allow operation in the open  making the NANO PC  ideal for study and precise note-taking, especially when you need to be Mobile

Full-Shift Battery Life

NANO PC 2.0  is a unique product as it provides top battery runtime performance backed by a Solar System that can recharge while you are working on the device in the open. With the NANO PC, the student need not worry about running out of power. What is more? The attached LED screen makes students study when there is a Power Outage for examination days or critical study periods.


NANO SOLAR PC 2.0  –  Specifications & Optional Features

Integrated  EDUSOFT Learning APP for Beginners  

Operating Software        Android 10 GO

Processor                    MTK6580,Quadcore,1.5Ghz

Display                         7inch capacitive screen

Resolution                    1080*720  dpi

Memory                       2GB DDR 3

NAND Flash                  16GB HDD

Camera                        Front 2.0 MP 

Network                      WCDMA2100,2G/GSM  

                               850/900/1800/1900 MHz,

                                  DC PORT

Connectivity                4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, 

                               USB 2.O X 2, AC CHARGING

Battery                      3000 mAh, SOLAR CELLS

                                  CHARGING BY AC INPUT

Outer Body                  ABS PLASTIC, IODIZED

                               RUBBER, KEYBOARD, MOUSE

Edusoft Learning APP for an early child with a focus on ESL or vernacular to English ,

Primary subjects & computer education.