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Fabfone 7.0 4G LTE

Touch tablet WITH 4g sim calling & android application


Loaded with latest 4G features and Android  7.1 Marshmallow OS the NXI FABFONE 7.0 4G is a 7 inch  Android  touch device with an affordable cost of Ownership and  advanced features – Dual 4G Calling , DC port for direct Data access , Wi-Fi, Bluetooth  , Social networking , Internet , Google Playstore. It offers a Quad Core MTK  Processor and 1GB RAM /8GB Flash . We can upgrade with a 2GB RAM /16GB Flash as well with Android 8.1 OS for higher grade performance.


True mobility While Roaming


Fabfone 7.0 4G offers multiple connectivity .

The tablet has passed extremely stringent tests for network performance and has both Wi-Fi & 4G  LTE Roaming for Data /Voice

Affordable Design for Performance

Fabfone 7.0 4G is currently  developed in India with parts drawn globally from the best suppliers at the economic range . It is tested for performance and has a robust body to withstand different climatic conditions.


Powerful  and Compact

Weighing in at  0.700 kg and with a thickness of 0.2 inches, the Fabfone 7.0 4G is easy to carry The Quad Core processor gives decent speed of work on the net and also does faster processing of data  .


Optional feature of Customization for Net access & Boot .

FABFONE 7.0 4G LTE  – Specifications & Optional Features

​Screen Size               :    7 inch

Color                          :    White / Black

Display Resolution     :   1080 x720 DPI

Memory Capacity      :   1GB RAM / 8 GB Flash

Operating Software   :    Android 6.0

Voice Call                  :    4G LTE


Other Features:

Processor: MTK Quad Core 1.5 GHZ

Flash: 32 GB  optional

Dual Camera: 1.3MP / 2MP & Flash 10.1

Support TF card: up to 32 GB 

Battery: 3600mAh Lithium

Office Software: Word , Excel , PDF, PPT, e-mail 

Audio/Video: 720P video, music, chat , Picture

Connectivity: WI-FI, , Bluetooth 4.0 , 4G LTE

• GPS,G-Sensor ,Games ,e-book , FB, Text to Speech

Microphone: Inbuilt Speaker , 3.5mm jack

Optional Spec: DC port

USP: Entry Level, Affordable ,4G LTE 

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